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Alan Shore: Well, normally, in these situations, I go with the jury voiding. Convince the jury to focus on morality, not legal, but here it makes no difference! What I did was unethical, immoral, illegal. Alan Shore: There`s a legal term for that. Ah, yes, “Oooooh.” Denny Crane: Not just any kazoo. A kazoo paper clip. To play a go-to-new-Orleans-under the pretext of a-legal-case-with-a-Dixie-Landband-Kazoo. This page still has its Wikiquote formatting. The page should be aligned with the All The Tropes citation style, with quotation marks inserted into the standard {{quote}} markup. Self-centered, sexually voracious, prone to malapropism: these are just some of the ways to describe Denny Crane, the mega-successful lawyer played by William Shatner in five seasons of the ABC comedy-drama Boston Legal from 2004 to 2008. In subsequent seasons, Denny became a cartoon with the rest of the series, but early on, he was always ready for a clever joke.

Here`s a look at the best quotes from Denny Crane. [Shirley Schmidt sends Alan to New Orleans to help solve a case] Boston Legal is a drama that began on the American Broadcasting Company in 2004. Boston Legal ended its run in 2008. Denny Crane: I was there. Well, I flew in my Gulf Stream. Does that not count? Alan Shore: [in a Canadian court] Oh yes, keeping in mind that people abroad tend to expect shock and fear when Yankees appear on the scene, we`ll leave you with two lasting little words. Denny Crane: Did anything happen? Was I in the room when it happened? Shirley Schmidt: When a pedophile murderer confesses to his crime, that secret is protected. Shirley Schmidt: [to Alan Shore] Since I`m your boss, I can`t reciprocate your sexual jokes, but I`ll say that if I were looking for a rattle, it would be younger. He would look better. He would be something other than a narcissist who hates himself with a dwarf fetish and judging by what I saw in the mirror when I first entered, he would be *bigger*. A lot. Catherine Piper: I`m saying that if you`re murdering people at any level, you must want to be a Christian.

Would you let me take you to church? Alan Shore: I think it was a Sunday, then I was taken off the air, you went to make movies, I was switched to Tuesday and. • From “Fat Burner” (season 3): “I`m going to let this jury eat on my lap.” Shirley Schmidt: [Judge raises his hand] Do we trust them more in this area? Shirley Schmidt: And also, to be clear. You knew your parishioner was a pedophile. [Alan and Denny talk on the balcony about how terrible it must have been in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina]. Denny Crane: Uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh Soul, it`s a religious thing. Condition. Church. It is unconstitutional for the United States to have a soul. Catherine Piper: Is it possible to ask the Robert Blake jury? Denny Crane: Let me tell you something. When the polar ice caps melted and broke into big pieces and Osama was still hiding in a cave and planning his next attack, when you have other rogue states with nuclear arsenals, not to mention a crazy, homemade job that can cancel you out at any time and if you. Mad cow disease is now getting a high priority. And if you`re still on the balcony on a clear night, sipping scotch tape with your best friend, that`s it now.

Shirley Schmidt: But you revealed information to Miss Bauer. You told him where your parishioner`s hiding place was. They will reveal privileged information to retrieve your fingers, but not to save a child`s life. Alan Shore: Probably. But my God, what I get from you, Denny. People walk around these days calling everyone their best friend. The term no longer has any real meaning. Simple acquaintances are covered with hugs and kisses at a second or third meeting at most, birthday cards are handed out in offices so that everyone can scribble a fragment of sentimentality for a colleague they have barely met, and everyone simply loves everyone. When you tell someone you love them today, it`s not much to hear. I love you, Denny. You are my best friend. I can`t imagine going through life without you as my best friend.

But I`m not going to kiss you. Alan Shore: No, not really. I just saw this beautiful virgin here talking to a log, and since I`m an arborist, I thought I could help translate. Denny Crane: It`s a good feeling to shoot a bad guy. Something you Democrats would never understand. American. We are homesteaders, we want a safe home, keep the money we earn and shoot the bad guys. Alan Shore: Denny, I`d like you to join us, but this particular release is pretty serious. Maybe you and I could go another time. Bernard Ferrion: Under normal circumstances, I would agree. Paul Lewiston: Let me make it easier for you, Mr.

Shore. Dr. Allen Königsberg: Couples counselling. I saw the client and his wife together for the first time. Since the divorce, I have been working alone with him. Shirley Schmidt: Is she just sitting alone in your office? Alan Shore: Apparently. We seem to be becoming an ordinary people. The learned hand once said, “Freedom is in our hearts, and if it dies there, no constitution can save it.” Alan Shore: But, Your Honour, Denny and I are a team of comedians! Alan Shore: This man here would fire me if I didn`t. Alan Shore: I`m going to judge the case, but at the end of the day, I need someone to stand in front of the jury and say, “Let the man go.” Joe: Oh, I`m sorry, I grabbed my wallet.

Lori Colson: Good morning. My name is Lori Colson; We have not met officially. Alan Shore: [come in] what have you done now? • Excerpt from “Helping Hands” (season 2) 😀 describes his new girlfriend: “Alan, Bev is the woman I`ve always dreamed of: an angel in the bedroom and a whore in the kitchen.” Denny Crane: Most Democrats voted for this war. John Kerry voted in favour. Hillary Clinton voted for it. And now it suddenly becomes unpopular. Say what you want about Republicans. We stay true to our beliefs even when we know we`re completely wrong. Denny Crane: There`s no need to apologize, Alan.

Love, even if it is fleeting, even if it is for a day or two. That`s all. Do you not agree? Denny Crane: Massachusetts is a blue state. God has no place here. Catherine Piper: Cookies, all of them! Nutrition is most important in the morning. Alan Shore: My, uh, best friend has Alzheimer`s, in the, uh, early stages, that`s not the case. He is a great lover of life and he will be for a while. I believe that even if his mind really begins, he will always fish, he will laugh and love, and in time, he will always want to live because there will be value to him, in a friendship, in a cigar. The truth is that I don`t think he`ll ever come and tell me it`s the day I want to die, but the day is coming and he won`t know.

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