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The American legal system makes the Kardashians look like a university. Yet judges simply can`t say, “Get that idiot out and beat him,” which is why subsequent defenses really didn`t get justice. In the worst defense since the Detroit Lions decided, “We`re just going to give the ball to the other team,” Michael Sampson managed to improve “suspended driving and waste” to five attacks in twenty seconds. At Reeves Law Group, we know where there is a will, there is a way; And where there is a crime, there is a creative legal defense. Which of them do you think was the most inventive and what did you think of its results? He raped, tortured and killed two students in 1986, and his legal team argued he was too big to execute. They argued that the cruel way we keep convicted and unrepentant double killers in cells led to his weight gain — though that didn`t stop him from escaping over a fence in 2005. However, there is more to the defense. His legal team asked him to come to court, throw his hands up and say, “What happened?” which he did. The court found him not guilty and he was released, but he has not yet been released unharmed. When several shareholders accused him of fraud and earned $2.9 billion, the founder said he would be happy to pay.

What for? In his own words, “I have a lot of money, extra money from this whole scam.” Let`s play a role-playing game for this one. I`m already wearing my Unitard. You play the role of a police officer in Portland, Oregon. They patrol the streets of Portland, picking up trash and cracking down on hipsters when they start screaming dizzyingly about their Instagrams, Pinterest and square quartets. Then, in the darkness of a dreary night in Portland, you catch the smell of the worst type of Portlandian Nogoodnik – a graffiti tagger. Pssst! That`s good, we only do role-playing, don`t panic. Cracked`s legal department reviewed this defence and, in its professional opinion, determined that this argument could be described as “fucktarded”. But only to the extent that it completely misses the mark in every way and, oddly enough, strengthens the argument against you instead of supporting your own claims. It`s as if O.J. pretended he was innocent because his wife was far too measurable to bother to sting.

Since the incident, there has been a growing movement to ban this type of right-wing defense, as well as its “gay panic” cousin, with California being the first state to do so in 2014. This is precisely why it is so important for you to seek legal representation from a reputable, experienced and qualified defense attorney or DUI lawyer, depending on the crime for which you have been charged. Here`s a list of the worst and craziest legal defenses (But hey, some of them worked! Go figure!): Orenthal James “O.J.” Simpson was a famous National Football League player accused of killing Nicole Brown-Simpson, his ex-wife, and Ronald Goldman, a crime that took place on June 13, 1994. In O.J.`s defense, he hired a team led first by Robert Shapiro and later by Johnnie Cochran. The defence argued that the evidence had been manipulated to make it appear that O.J. Simpson had committed the murders. One of the most famous and memorable quotes from Johnnie Cochran`s trial was: “If that doesn`t fit, you must acquit,” referring to the bloody gloves allegedly used in the murder. Simpson was found not guilty on the morning of October 3, 1995. After his acquittal, a civil lawsuit for wrongful homicide was held in 1997, in which OJ Simpson was held responsible for both deaths. The civil lawsuit awarded more than $33 million to the victims` families, much of which came from the sale of O.J. Simpson`s valuable property.

O.J. Simpson faced years of legal problems stemming from this lawsuit, as his pension and other assets were immune from seizure to satisfy his diletés. A black man boarded a train on Long Island. He hated the level of service so much that he decided to shoot 25 people and kill 6. He drew a gun because he couldn`t find a comment card to leave his comments. Three brave passengers took him to the ground and the police arrested him. His defense lawyer blamed “Black Rage” for the rampage. His legal team said he decided to kill because he lived in a white-dominated society. It`s literally impossible to do anything more illegal without killing someone. Since 9/11, airports have become Mega City One, except for the people who have the power to detain and investigate you, you`re not Judge Dredd – they`re not even Judge Judy. Attorney George Thomas said his client should not be found guilty because.. He didn`t understand that it was illegal to cram into a plane, shoot a gun into the ceiling and take everyone hostage.

As you might expect, the following years pushed the boundaries of creative legal defense even further, and those boundaries continue to evolve to this day. To celebrate the last hundred years of lateral thinking, we now give you the 16 most creative legal defenses in history. And their result! The case: Sandie Craddock took a common condition among women around the world, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), and applied it in a completely unusual way as her legal defense after stabbing a colleague to death in 1980. Defense Outcome: As is often the case with creative legal defenses, they don`t always succeed in obtaining an exoneration, but they can reduce the outcome in favor of a defendant. That was the case for Craddock, who was convicted of manslaughter on a much more minor charge and forced to take progesterone, according to the CBC. If he said this with a frank face and then ruined the legal work, someone asks George to act immediately. Every second he spends keeping crazy killers on the street is another Oscar he misses. Either that or it`s time to investigate when someone stops being a lawyer and starts “helping and encouraging.” Defense result: Ferguson`s lawyers developed the “Black Rage defense” to rid their client of temporary insanity, claiming he had been driven insane by racial prejudice. Would that have worked? No one will ever know since Ferguson fired his legal team in the middle of the trial and decided to defend himself. Sexual harassment is an often overlooked crime that is even tolerated in some environments and sucks large flaccid breasts. Directly in the. Fortunately, more and more victims are standing up for their rights, confronting their harassers and seeking legal help when things get out of hand.

This was the case of Priscilla Agosto, a 23-year-old former secretary of a New York real estate company, who unnecessarily identifies the story I link to as a lesbian, just in case you`re curious. The media loves lesbians. I conduct all my interviews in the foreign press in my lesbian character, who grew up in Madrid and discovered the joys of other women in a busty girls` school. Good things. Sexual harassment is an often overlooked crime that is even tolerated in some workplaces. Fortunately, more and more victims are standing up for their rights, confronting their harassers and seeking legal help when things get out of hand.

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