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He began practicing law in Los Angeles in 1933. In 1948, he joined California lawyers Jerry Nemer and Murray Fields and founded a law firm to serve the growing business community in the postwar region. A young and successful California law firm, Buchalter Nemer began helping clients in business and finance, representing them in litigation and bankruptcy. As the business world grew, the company grew with it, diversified, and expanded to create new ones. The firm is a medium-sized intellectual property firm focused on excellent work results and building strong client relationships. Our lawyers bring a wide range of technical knowledge that enables us to handle difficult and complex intellectual property issues. However, our costs are reasonable and allow us to provide high value to our customers. Competent patent attorneys Our patent attorneys bring a wide range of technical knowledge to the law. They also have a deep understanding of key technologies.

We believe in ideas and CoreX`s legal team is eager to promote the advancement of science and useful arts. Too often, the system is designed to limit your creativity and hinder your path from idea to concept, market, and growth. We strive to support you through this process because we believe in ideas and want to help you turn your ideas into impactful business ventures. Too many law firms need to learn about your technology – we come to the table to help you adopt and accelerate your technology Our why helps you make your why a reality. For too long, lawyers and law firms have been telling entrepreneurs what they can`t do, and while we`re here to guide you through your business journey, our passion helps you find your way by investing in yourself with our ideas, experience, advice, and ability to see corners and minimize the inevitable obstacles. X-Law Group is a firm with fresh energy: like Jetblue for airlines and Apple for computers, we break the traditional form of the firm. We believe that progress in legal practice is possible and that it is necessary to provide impeccable service while aggressively pursuing the interests of clients. Our firm is staffed by experienced lawyers, paralegals and staff who know how to help clients with complex and personal legal issues. We offer all our clients expertise, insight and compassion in a variety of areas of law, including criminal defence, assault and commercial law.

Freedom X and its co-attorney Tom Eastmond filed two lawsuits, one against Claremont USD and the other against nine other school districts, seeking damages and a court statement confirming that retaliation based on a provider`s speech violates the First Amendment. Claremont`s question is alive, but pending before the 9th District on a quiet legal issue: Do school officials enjoy “qualified immunity” (i.e., immunity from monetary prosecution because they could not have known that the constitutional right they were violating was a “clearly established” law). In 2013, after devoting his practice exclusively to representing conservative and religious victims of left-wing discrimination, Bill founded Freedom X, a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit public interest law firm that protects conservative and religious freedom of speech. CoreX Legal provides comprehensive legal services to entrepreneurs, start-ups and technology companies of all sizes. As engineers, scientists, and entrepreneurs, we know firsthand the many problems that startups typically face. When we invent, when we innovate, when we change the world, when we make heads jump. We are probably the law firm for you. We are a North West law firm dedicated to our clients, and it is our job to make your legal experience easy and useful. The modern legal landscape requires a modern law firm to support your business. When we invent, when we innovate, when we change the world, when we make heads jump.

We are the law firm for you. Office Address2915 McCarver StreetSuite 200Tacoma, WA 98403 We don`t want to have to say that we agree with fake Marxist organizations like Black Lives Matter (BLM) or Critical Race Theory (CRT) or Diversity, Inclusion and Justice (DIE) just to avoid being labeled as bigot. We don`t want to have to say that we agree with transgender people in women`s sport, or in government, in the workforce, or in public libraries, just to avoid being labeled a fanatic.

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