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4. The proposed draft regent decree is published in a letter of receipt from the official of the legal department, stamped in the column of the bill (5 minutes); Once funds are received from the Ministry of Finance, legal staff register the administration of the permit with the appropriate government agency and always assist the administration. 4. The proposed draft report shall be entered by the official of the Legal Service in the amending register stamped in the column of the legal draft after it has been submitted to the Head of the Legal Service for further processing (5 minutes) 20. After receipt by the Governor of the results of the evaluation and/or clarification of the Raperda, improvements are made according to the results of the evaluation, then the manuscript, printed in duplicate 4 (four), is determined by the Regent of Banjar and published by the Regional Secretary in the Regional Journal; Below is an example of the legal SOP workflow of Elang Group active in the field of housing and real estate developer 16. The process of the Raperda discussion phases, approved by the DPRD in a decision of the DPRD, will be submitted to the Legal Service together with the minutes collected from the meeting. Previously, the DPRD Secretariat had improved the content of documents, which had changed as a result of discussions within DPRD. The main task, the subdivision of legislation, works as follows: 4. IMB = 1 month from the date of registration of Carmicheal, Kayla.

2021. How to write the best SOPs for your business [online]. Link: Retrieved 13 August 2022. 1. The draft Regency Ordinance is proposed by the Regional Equipment Working Unit (SKPD) and developed in a draft formulated by the initiating SKPD according to the area of tasks and materials to be determined; The Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) has a format. Here is an example of a company`s SOP that is generally compliant with the format: When preparing regional regulations for the Banjar regency, it is carried out through POS in the following phases: 10. The draft decree of the Regent is referred to the Legal Service, which is then forwarded to the SKPD initiator to be refined according to the proposals and considerations of the competent officials; 1. Development of work plans in the Acts and Regulations Branch; 1.

TDP = 2 weeks from the date of registration of the management with the competent agency. Completion of subdivision of Acts and Regulations 2 (two) days;. A number of organizations struggle to create SOPs in the company. No wonder the workflow in the company encounters obstacles and often raises new problems in the internal office. Therefore, information is needed on how to create effective and efficient business SOPs. Lucid content team. 2020. How to Write a Standard Operating Procedure: More Than Just a Process [Online]. Link: (Access: 13. August 2022) Legal Staff reviews the Company`s expired approvals.1 weeks prior to the expiration of the Company`s approval documents, the Legal Staff notifies the Board of Directors of their expiration and awaits an order from the Board of Directors against the extension of the approval documents.

18. The Legal Department will then deliver the Raperda to the Governor of South Kalimantan by means of a Letter of Introduction. For local regulations related to the APBD, regional taxes and fees and land use planning regulations, an evaluation process must be completed with the Governor no later than 7 (seven) days after receipt of the approval decree from the Banjar Regency DPRD. 11. If there are suggestions and considerations from officials above the Raperda, they are returned to the legal service for refinement and then submitted to the regent enclosing a memorandum of examination from the regional secretary. 2. The proposal shall be mentioned in the form of a draft formulated and prepared by the SKPD initiator according to the reference area and the material to be determined, accompanied by a scientific manuscript and/or an explanation or description; 2. Examination of the company`s deeds that are still under notarial management and report to the board of directors on the progress of management.3. Review of documents that come out and are presented to third parties. Every company has standard operating procedures that require employees to work professionally. Standard operating procedures, commonly abbreviated as SOPs, are one of the policies used by companies to conduct their business.

A good POS certainly has a clear and easy-to-understand workflow for everyone. 5. The project proposed by Raperda is included in the regional legislative programme (Prolegda) established in the decree of the DPRD of the Banjar Regency. 10. As part of the direction and monitoring of regional policy, Raperbup may be submitted to the Governor for correction, evaluation and evaluation; 3. Department related to the revision of the agreement, if there is an examination that does not agree with the order and / or agrees with the result of the agreement, if it is 1 day after receipt of the draft contract from the legal department, return it to the legal department for repair and preparation for signature. 1. The conclusion of agreements concerning the second and third parties is accepted by Legal in the form of a memorandum from the department concerned and an order from the supervisor concerned. 2. development of coordination documents for the development and development of regional laws and regulations; 19. Filing with the Governor for other regional regulations outside of paragraph 18 (eighteen) that must be assessed or clarified no later than 14 (fourteen) days after the date of approval by the DPRD Banjar Regency. 23.

The regional ordinance is officially implemented in Banjar governorate. If you want to plan your business in a qualified way, you don`t have to worry. Now, RuangKerja has a background that supports the success of creating SOPs in your business. The workspace is equipped with the following features: 3. Evaluation and implementation of the evaluation of published regional legal products;. 2. Financial statements of the Department of Finance relating to this management 12. Before the Raperda was organized by the Regent at the plenary session of the DPRD scheduled by the Deliberation Council of the DPR of the Regency of Banjar, the Raperda was first discussed jointly between the executive and the legislative of the DPRD at the official session of Banleg, which had been determined by the DPRD of Banmus. Do you want employees to understand SOPs? If this is the case, the company must provide training so that employees can work with an effective and efficient flow. If you don`t know how to train employees, don`t worry! Now, workspaces can help you conduct training professionally. As a first step, you can do a FREE consultation with the workspace team by clicking on the banner below! 10. As part of the orientation and monitoring of regional policy, Raperda may be submitted to the Governor for consideration, after correction, examination and review by the Governor, the Legal Department prepares the Raperda and a letter of introduction, which is signed by the Regent.

The certificate was submitted to the Regional Secretary of Banjar District through the Deputy Secretary for Relevant Affairs for consultation and audit. 8. Performs other legislative duties delegated by the Head of the Legal and Legislative Division. 14. Within 7 (seven) days prior to the plenary meeting for the submission of Raperda, on the day specified in the Banmus meeting of the DPRD, the Legal Department of the District DPRD shall submit a photocopy of the Raperda project of 41 copies. Banjar by the Secretariat of the DPRD, which was delivered with a letter of introduction signed by the Regent (1 day). Companies have joined the workspace, now it`s your turn! What are you waiting for? 11. The SKPD corrects the correction note, then the completion manuscript is printed in double font 3 (three) paraphrased by the Head of the SKPD and submitted to the Legal Service; Organizations need operational standards so that performance and workflows can function as they should. There are many goals when creating SOPs for businesses, including: 15. The discussion phase in the Banjar Regency DPRD will be scheduled at the Advisory Committee meeting to determine the next phase of the discussion. (Time according to Banmus timetable) 4. The implementing staff and proofreaders of the Legal Service shall make corrections and revisions to the proposed draft and rewrites (completion within 3 working days at the latest);.

8. After correction and evaluation, the draft decree of the Regent is submitted to the Regional Secretary of the Regency of Banjar by the competent assistant in accordance with the functions and material of the decision of the Regent, together with the attached notes; Brush, Kate. 2022. Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) [Online]. Link: Retrieved August 13, 2022. Creating standard operating procedures has a good goal for the company and employees. The very existence of SOP has its own function in the company. The functions of the SOP document in the enterprise are also as follows: 5. preparation of processing materials for the ratification and promulgation of regional regulations and other regional legal products; (9) The regional secretary shall advise and deliberate the regent by means of a memorandum on the submission of the draft manuscript of the service; 22. After the Regent and the Regional Secretary affixed the next signature of the Raperda announced in the Regional Journal of the Banjar Regency, indicating the number and date of its promulgation by the Legal Department of the Banjar Regional Office (15 minutes); 2.The legal staff shall draw up the requested or designated agreement no later than 2 days after receipt of the note and order and submit it to the competent division. 1.

Review the AJB that took place before the Council signed the AJB. 1. The draft regional regulation shall be proposed by the Regional Devices Work Unit (SKPD).

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